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  • Melanie Vendette

Why Your Business Website Needs A Blog

No matter what kind of business you run, your website needs a blog. In addition to your home page, product pages, and other information, you should also have a place where you can post new content regularly and interact with your visitors.

When you have a regularly updated blog on your site, you offer fresh content, giving your audience a reason to check back regularly. Your blog will keep people on your site. It will also help with search engine traffic, as Google loves sites that update their content often.

The only downside is that you have to post regularly, and this takes time and effort. However, if you approach it strategically, you can make blogging much easier.

What to Write About on Your Blog

The goal of your blog content should be to offer help and solutions for the problems and issues your audience faces. If you can offer tips to help them solve their problems, you’ll build a strong relationship with them. Your site will become the go-to source of information in your niche and this will result in sales.

Start by creating a customer profile. Include demographic information so you can get to know your readers. Focus on problems they face and questions they have. Write your content with this ideal individual in mind.

Where to Get Ideas for Your Blog

Writing is just one part of the process. In order to blog regularly, you need a steady stream of good ideas for your content.

Create an idea file that you can add to as you brainstorm and refer back to when you’re ready to start writing. Start by considering things like:

  • Questions people regularly ask you

  • Ways you’ve helped people before